Post haste indeed!

If you are reading this I have successfully figured out how to post. I seem to have entered the age of technology; albeit kicking, screaming, and exploitative ranting, but I am here!

This is my updated website which somehow is a blog as well? I don’t really know what that means…I fear my inner monologue having a forum to express itself while I”m trying to decipher web design isn’t the best of ideas! We shall see….

Currently this site is “under construction” as I only somewhat grasp how to navigate it. I’m split between being relatively proud of myself and self loathing about my work. Here are my to-do’s:

1) The image files of my work REALLY need to be reworked, re-sized, re-shot, etc. Apologies for that.

2)Artist statement needs to be rewritten. Oy.

3)About Page…writing about yourself in 3rd person?! If anyone would like to help me out with a bio that would be grand! ‘Who am I? Why am I here? What is navel lint and it’s significance to the universe?!”

4)Keep a travel section or not?

5)Sort this out so I can get off the glowing screen and PAINT!

Exhausting! I deserve a drink! Have a lovely weekend and “I will think about it tomorra!” Scarlet Out!

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